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What the gyu??

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Zelo ⇢ Where Are You? What Are You Doing? Lip version

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I have to say…
I have the best friends in the world.
I’m so happy to have you guyz ;-;

^that could we us lulululu~

DAMMIT WOOLLIM — every inspirit at some point ever (via myungsoopermans)



MC: Dongwoo, your older sisters are strict like the military?

DW: Since I’m the youngest of two girls and one boy, my parents were overprotective of me. So my sisters picked up the slack in teaching me etiquette. My sisters took advantage of one incident when I was in elementary school. I argued with them in banmal (T/N: informal language not to be used to older people) 

MC: So your sisters took advantage of the chance. 

DW: Yes. So that day she grabbed my hair, threw me into the room, locked the door, and threw me tissues saying, “Whether you cry or throw up use them however you want”

[CAP: Kindly explaining the use of the tissues]

DW: And then she suddenly started slapping my face. After that I never talked back to them.

MC: Are your sisters pretty now?

HY: The scary thing is that his second sister (T/N: the younger one) looks exactly like Dongwoo. 

SJ: Just imagine him with long hair.

MC: Are you still polite to your sisters?

DW: Yes, very.

MC: You look more nervous talking about your sisters than your parents.

MC: We heard that during the times you got hit a lot, you also got hit with a video tape. What is this? A VHS?

DW: My sister liked this singer and recorded him on this tape. At the time, I liked funny things so I recorded a comedy show over that tape without knowing. When she saw that, she asked, “Hey, where did this go?” and I talked back in banmal so she just hit me right there with the video tape

MC: Are both your sisters married?

DW: The second is, the first is preparing.

MC: The video tape…

DW: The video tape sister is married, the tissue sister is preparing.

MC: Sungjong, we heard you gave your parents a big gift.

SJ: This year, I bought them a house.

MC: Dongwoo, you got your entire family new cars?

[CAP: Filial-dol Dongwoo’s on a different scale]

??: Do you guys earn that much money? / You guys earn a lot of money!

MC: What did you buy them?

DW: A house and cars for my parents and for my sister. For my sister who’s married, I got stuff for her married life.

MC: So three cars and a house? 

MC: Do you earn that much money?

MC: Well he’s paying monthly installments.

MC: I’m jealous of his parents.

MC: Seo-eon, Seojun (T/N: his twin baby sons), please grow up like that. Grow up like Dongwoo. 

MC: Will my son be like that?

—-I stopped translating here—-

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Choi Junhong:

  • rapper
  • dancer
  • maknae
  • masseur??

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140727: EXO from EXO Planet - The Lost Planet in Changsha
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4 years on and dongwoo still tries to keep in contact

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dongwoo wearing his collar

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140726 Music Core
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140726 Music Core
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