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"Am I coming out well? Do I look strange? I’m asking the fans."
You know damn well what you look like, Jung Daehyun.

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SUNGJONG @ Samsung Galaxy Player Launch Party 120413
Cr. 롤리폴리
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130316 Korean Music Wave in Bangkok
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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

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school just started a week ago and I’m already depressed as hell.
last school year now.
I should change myself a bit. should start thinking positive but well…
that’s so hard.
I’m always telling myself: You cant do that. You will not be able to do this, you ugly bitch

what other ppl thing of me: You are so strong! You can do that. Why shouldnt you be able to do that, huh? You are so smart and everything.

Me. are you serious? You really know nothing. I need someone who is motivate me, like dunno.
aish… In the end I’m just a loser.

Nobody knows how I really feel. I dont want to talk to my parents… they have they own problems…… and wow… now I’m writing this shit on my tumblr blog… wtf I’m doing?
I just should stop.

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A well deserved 2nd win! Proud of our boys!

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